Donald Trump Lacks Humanity, Science, and Governance.

All of Them Are Required for A Democracy to Function Smoothly.

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Dave Granlund cartoon on President Donald Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Anne Applebaum[1] recites Laura Ingraham from ‘Descent into Despair’ and observes that “the America of the present is a dark, nightmarish place where God speaks to only a tiny number of people; where idealism is dead; where civil war and violence are approaching; where democratically elected politicians are no better than foreign dictators and mass murderers.” [2]

It will sound apt to anyone who feels deprived and unprotected despite being a citizen or resident of the so-called ‘most democratic’ country in the world. Democracy is not a favor done to its citizens, contrastingly, civilly- engaged citizens are democracy’s biggest assets, the other being progressive politicians. This write-up is about the latter.

The world is moving closer to science; however, politics, on the other hand, is moving away from it. As the gap between the two, polity and science, is gradually becoming wider, assaults against democracies are rising.

As laid down by Michael J. Thompson and Smulewicz, “All those whose goal is not to analyze honestly the evidence for and against a particular policy, but is, rather, simply to manipulate the public into reaching a predetermined conclusion by whatever technique will work, however dishonest or fraudulent. So, the issue here is no longer mere muddled thinking or sloppy reasoning: it is fraud.” [3] The explanation is regarding the relationship between science and democracy.

As Americans suffer in the world of ‘an inadequately-known disease,’ their president, Donald Trump, an increasingly insane and uncompassionate being, remains unbothered both by the death toll and the fact that he has put so many lives around him in danger. He upholds the same unscientific convictions about the virus as he did before he acquired it. What could possibly be the psyche or thought behind that? For the sake of retaining or winning a political stance, Donald Trump is putting so much at stake, including America’s future, as the cost and consequence of this “short-termism,” as Dambisa Moyo calls it in Edge of Chaos, will be borne tomorrow.[5]

All of the people’s expectations of him changing into a better version of himself after a short stint with the virus have gone into vain. Shouldn’t his lunacy throughout the past 4years have clued us in how this was going to go? Nevertheless, we still hoped for a change as we are all humans and a bit gullible too. So, we expected a change of heart or head from a person who doesn’t have either. For something to change, it first needs to exist.

Why are our politicians drifting away from logic every passing day and endangering our democracy? Are we prepared for a huge implosion? Or have we become indifferent to the fact that once in a few 100 years we are ought to get ruled by fascists. What’s happening in America was never thought to occur there. Usually, during a crisis, developed nations are expected to take charge of their situation faster than others as they have the means and ways to do it. And lead others by example. Conversely, people in other countries are sighing a sense of relief that they aren’t part of this American chaos.

Donald Trump gives a damn to all things significant from climate-change to COVID. Given the scale of the problem and ravage it has already caused and will further cause, no person of scientific temper or, for that matter of ordinary common sense, would shirk away from his responsibility as a President to save its people from harm’s way. Instead, he is asking them to “get out there” and “don’t let it dominate your life.”

Donald Trump is a big disgrace to humanity. Let him not take power over the life and death of people. Being so cold and casual about people’s life and pretending to care about the drowning economy, to impress a world full of populist leaders like him and his devoted but idiotic supporters will soon turn against him. Contrary to what he has assumed, it is not anywhere even near to how one becomes a pragmatic leader.

Trump is playing with American lives, practically for sport. It will take more courage than average to tell him that you are not his golf balls.

Here is Jay Rosen’s Tweet from just a few hours back. It sums up my article quite well. “What a great question to ask state and local candidates to whom it applies: “Are you proud of your support for President Trump?” It was in response to what happened when Martha Mc Sally was asked the same.

What do we do as citizens to stop this trend? Other than participate, protest, and resist the force of authoritarians. You can use your voting power. As simple as that. Citizens, individually and collectively, can save America from ending it’s otherwise well-adjusted and one of the better democracies the world has ever experienced. This anti-Trump and the pro-democracy move will save you a lifetime of outrage. Or else, if Trump comes back, we’ll have to bear the demise of democracy. Consequentially it’ll shatter dreams, increase existing inequalities, and alter many people’s lives.

[1] Anne Applebaum, New York, Doubleday, 2020

[2]Laura Ingraham’s Descent Into Despair.

[3] In Thompson, M., & In Smulewicz-Zucker, G. R. (2018). Anti-science and the assault on democracy: Defending reason in a free society.

[4] What is Science and Why Should We Care? Logos Journal.

[5] Moyo, D. (2018). Edge of chaos: Why democracy is failing to deliver economic growth — and how to fix it.

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Learner| Researcher| Writer. Writes on Democracy, Capitalism and Inclusion. Fascinated by Mathematics and Mathematicians.

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