However, when we unleash the dogs of war, we must go where they take us. In other words, it has invariably become Hobson’s choice.

Credit: Political Reporter: Alix Culbertson


Reasons for its retreat are not the same as reasons for the fiasco.

Asaldin, whose son Dilawar died in U.S military custody at Bagram Airbase in December 2002. Asaldin told his family not to seek revenge against the Americans, “I am angry with them, but this was the will of God,” he said. “God is great, and God will punish them.” At his home in Yakubi, Khost province, May 2005. Picture Credit: Keith Bedford.


All of it shows the need to mitigate the existing gender inequalities in society.

Viva Ruiz, “Thank God for Abortion” (2019), photograph (all images courtesy of the individual artists and Downtown for Democracy)


The tremendous human sorrow explains Afghanistan’s high reliance on America. Should the world reconsider America’s credibility as an ally?

Thousands of civilians have fled their homes in southern Afghanistan to escape violent attacks following the withdrawal of US forces from a military base in the area. (AFP)


Dark clouds of fear and disappointment overspread Afghanistan as the Taliban occupies major cities faster than anticipated.

Picture Credit: Hassan Abbas.


Even when wars are fought to defeat greater evils than the evil of war itself, nothing justifies the actions taken in chasing that goal.

“War does not determine who is right, only who is left,” says Bertrand Russell.

Liberty Leading the People is a painting done by Eugene Delacroix in the year 1830. Credit: Eugene Delacroix.


America’s miscalculations in Afghanistan and its inability to deal with the armed non-state actors are corroborating China’s Expansionism.

The Taliban delegation with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Tianjin on Wednesday. Photo: Handout. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3142826/taliban-leader-arrives-china-talks-foreign-minister-wang-yi


China’s staunch animosity towards democracy takes shape in Hong Kong as the rule of law gets pulverized, and it launches ideological warfare on Hongkongers.

A screen displays footage video of Xí Jìnpíng 习近平 in Hong Kong on July 1, 2021, on the 24th anniversary of the handover to China and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Reuters/Miguel Candela.


Picture credit: Pawel Kuczynski.

Press and Politics

With a solid and classifiable voice against the Chinese government, Apple Daily had the bullseye painted on its back.

Arriving at the Chinese embassy following a hearse, RSF representatives in Paris staged a mock funeral procession, delivering a coffin and funeral flowers with a placard inscribed “Apple Daily (1995–2021).” https://rsf.org/en/news/rsfs-funeral-protests-highlight-urgent-risk-death-press-freedom-china-following-closure-hong-kong

Sakshi Kharbanda, Ph.D.

Learner| Researcher| Writer. Writes on Democracy, Capitalism and Inclusion. Fascinated by Mathematics and Mathematicians.

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