Extinction Rebellion environmental activists protest around Bank Junction in the financial district on the 7th day of their ‘October Rising’ campaign in London, England, on October 14, 2019. Ollie Millington | Getty Images

The argument that science cannot wait for politics to become better, on the face, sounds very valid. So does the whole debate that politics ought to be excluded from it if it is not up to the task, as the matter is urgent and the clock is ticking. Therefore, the…


Photo Credit: Stephanie Kao, From Keep Taiwan Free Rally in NYC, 2014.

Most people are bewildered by Taiwan — by its troubled history, glorious present, and uncertain future. It is one of those places in the world sitting on a military volcano that can erupt at any time. Yet, it has an alive and kicking democracy with a booming economy and a…


Asaldin, whose son Dilawar died in U.S military custody at Bagram Airbase in December 2002. Asaldin told his family not to seek revenge against the Americans, “I am angry with them, but this was the will of God,” he said. “God is great, and God will punish them.” At his home in Yakubi, Khost province, May 2005. Picture Credit: Keith Bedford.

The temptation to disengage from Afghanistan has always existed. However, it gave way to realism as the threat of terrorism could put any American president’s fate in jeopardy. Finally, the United States has dealt with its fears or been pushed to do so, given the emergence of more prominent threats.


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Win McNamee/Getty Images

“Fixing Washington requires more than new leaders and new variations on partisan orthodoxies. It requires a new governing vision, propelled by public demand, for a basic overhaul of how government works.…. The parties argue about ideological abstractions when voter anger stems mainly from the stifling of sensible decisions throughout society.”…


Credit: Political Reporter: Alix Culbertson

In an interview for the New Yorker Radio Hour, Anand Gopal, a prominent American journalist and a finalist for Pulitzer Prize 2015, discusses how the new-aged Taliban don’t have the slightest idea about 9/11 or, for that matter, why the U.S was even there in Afghanistan in the first place…


Credit: Emily Forgash

Though at first blush, Facebook seems to have helped us in more ways than one, including making us more informed, enabling us to remain connected, and overall making our lives happier, that does not show the entirety of what they do and that it is necessarily good for all. There…


Pakistani soldiers check the identity of citizens returning from Afghanistan at the border town of Chaman, Pakistan (March 7, 2017). Credit: REUTERS/Saeed Ali Achakzai

As we are moving closer to the idea of engaging with the Taliban each day, we are simultaneously moving away, increasingly untroubled, from the notion of liberal democracy. After seeing, knowing, and experiencing how the Taliban has been and still proceeding forward to legitimize them looks like a deed of…


Viva Ruiz, “Thank God for Abortion” (2019), photograph (all images courtesy of the individual artists and Downtown for Democracy)

Abortion-ban is equivalent to chastising women due to their gender. It takes us back to the fundamental evils of society —gender inequality and patriarchy — and how they cast their dirty shadow and soil almost all dimensions of a woman’s life. These medieval anti-abortion laws make life even more difficult…


“War does not determine who is right, only who is left,” says Bertrand Russell.

Liberty Leading the People is a painting done by Eugene Delacroix in the year 1830. Credit: Eugene Delacroix.

As humans became more civilized and organized, their methods of killing each other became more sophisticated and purposive; hence they can now kill on a larger scale. The fight is not only about survival anymore. …


Thousands of civilians have fled their homes in southern Afghanistan to escape violent attacks following the withdrawal of US forces from a military base in the area. (AFP)

America faltered in supporting and delivering justice to the people of Afghanistan in their worst time. On the contrary, it conned them and the Afghan government, America’s ally in the fight against the Taliban, leaving them incapacitated. America showed them a dream affirming they would have their back and, instead…

Sakshi Kharbanda, Ph.D.

Learner| Researcher| Writer. Writes on Democracy, Capitalism and Inclusion. Fascinated by Mathematics and Mathematicians.

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